package model

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Package Members

  1. package definition
  2. package effect
  3. package exceptions
  4. package plan
  5. package planning
  6. package providers
  7. package provisioning
  8. package recursive
  9. package references
  10. package reflection

Type Members

  1. trait Injector[F[_]] extends Planner with Producer

    Injector creates object graphs (izumi.distage.model.Locators) from a izumi.distage.model.definition.ModuleDef or from an izumi.distage.model.plan.Plan

  2. final case class InjectorProvidedEnv(injectorFactory: InjectorFactory, bootstrapModule: BootstrapModule, bootstrapLocator: Locator, defaultModule: izumi.distage.model.definition.Module @izumi.distage.model.definition.Id("defaultModule"), planner: Planner, interpreter: PlanInterpreter) extends Product with Serializable
  3. trait Locator extends AnyRef

    The object graph created by executing a plan.

    The object graph created by executing a plan. Can be queried for contained objects.

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  4. trait Planner extends AnyRef

    Transforms izumi.distage.model.definition.ModuleDef into izumi.distage.model.plan.Plan

  5. final case class PlannerInput(bindings: ModuleBase, activation: Activation, roots: Roots) extends Product with Serializable

    Input for Planner

    Input for Planner


    Bindings. Can be created using izumi.distage.model.definition.ModuleDef DSL


    Garbage collection roots. distage will ignore all bindings that aren't transitive dependencies of the chosen Root keys from the plan - they will never be instantiated. Effectively, the choice of roots selects a *sub-graph* of the largest possible object graph that can be described by bindings - the sub-graph that only includes components designated as roots and their transitive dependencies. On izumi.distage.model.plan.Roots.Everything garbage collection will not be performed – that would be equivalent to designating _all_ DIKeys as roots.

  6. trait Producer extends AnyRef

    Executes instructions in izumi.distage.model.plan.Plan to produce a izumi.distage.model.Locator

Value Members

  1. object Locator
  2. object PlannerInput extends Serializable