package reflection

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Type Members

  1. sealed abstract class DIKey extends Product with CachedProductHashcode
  2. trait GenericTypedRef[+T] extends AnyRef
  3. trait IdContract[T] extends AnyRef
  4. final case class LinkedParameter(symbol: SymbolInfo, key: DIKey) extends Product with Serializable
  5. trait MirrorProvider extends AnyRef
  6. final case class MultiSetImplId(set: DIKey, impl: ImplDef) extends Product with Serializable
  7. trait Provider extends AnyRef
  8. final class SafeType extends AnyRef
  9. trait SafeTypeTools extends AnyRef
  10. sealed trait SetKeyMeta extends AnyRef
  11. final case class SymbolInfo(name: String, finalResultType: SafeType, isByName: Boolean, wasGeneric: Boolean) extends Product with Serializable
  12. final case class TypedRef[+T](v: T, tpe: SafeType, isByName: Boolean) extends GenericTypedRef[T] with Product with Serializable

Value Members

  1. object DIKey
  2. object IdContract
  3. object MirrorProvider
  4. object MultiSetImplId extends Serializable
  5. object Provider
  6. object SafeType extends SafeTypeTools
  7. object SetKeyMeta
  8. object TypedRef extends Serializable