package modules

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Package Members

  1. package platform
  2. package support
  3. package typeclass

Type Members

  1. final case class DefaultModule[F[_]](module: Module) extends AnyVal with Product with Serializable

    Implicitly available effect type support for distage resources, effects, roles & tests.

    Implicitly available effect type support for distage resources, effects, roles & tests.

    Automatically provides default runtime environments & typeclasses instances for effect types. All the defaults are overrideable via izumi.distage.model.definition.ModuleDef

    • Adds izumi.functional.quasi.QuasiIO instances to support using effects in Injector, distage-framework & distage-testkit-scalatest
    • Adds cats-effect typeclass instances for effect types that have cats-effect instances
    • Adds typeclass instances for bifunctor effect types

    Currently provides instances for

  2. type DefaultModule2[F[_, _]] = DefaultModule[[β$0$]F[Throwable, β$0$]]
  3. type DefaultModule3[F[_, _, _]] = DefaultModule[[γ$1$]F[Any, Throwable, γ$1$]]
  4. sealed trait LowPriorityDefaultModulesInstances1 extends LowPriorityDefaultModulesInstances2
  5. sealed trait LowPriorityDefaultModulesInstances2 extends LowPriorityDefaultModulesInstances3
  6. sealed trait LowPriorityDefaultModulesInstances3 extends LowPriorityDefaultModulesInstances4
  7. sealed trait LowPriorityDefaultModulesInstances4 extends LowPriorityDefaultModulesInstances5
  8. sealed trait LowPriorityDefaultModulesInstances5 extends LowPriorityDefaultModulesInstances6
  9. sealed trait LowPriorityDefaultModulesInstances6 extends AnyRef

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