package docker

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Package Members

  1. package bundled
  2. package examples
  3. package healthcheck
  4. package modules

Type Members

  1. trait ContainerDef extends AnyRef
  2. trait ContainerNetworkDef extends AnyRef
  3. case class ContainerResource[F[_], T](config: ContainerConfig[T], client: DockerClientWrapper[F], logger: IzLogger)(implicit F: DIEffect[F], P: DIEffectAsync[F]) extends DIResource[F, DockerContainer[T]] with Product with Serializable
  4. class DockerClientWrapper[F[_]] extends AnyRef
  5. class DockerCmdExecFactoryResource[F[_]] extends FromAutoCloseable[F, DockerCmdExecFactory]
  6. final case class DockerContainer[Tag](id: ContainerId, name: String, hostName: String, labels: Map[String, String], containerConfig: ContainerConfig[Tag], clientConfig: ClientConfig, connectivity: ReportedContainerConnectivity, availablePorts: VerifiedContainerConnectivity) extends Product with Serializable