package roles

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Package Members

  1. package bundled
  2. package logger
  3. package model
  4. package services

Type Members

  1. trait AppShutdownStrategy[F[_]] extends AnyRef
  2. trait RoleAppLauncher extends AnyRef
  3. abstract class RoleAppLauncherImpl[F[_]] extends RoleAppLauncher

    Application flow: 1.

    Application flow: 1. Parse commandline parameters 2. Create "early logger" (console sink & configurable log level) 3. Show startup banner 4. Load raw config 5. Create "late logger" using config 6. Enumerate app plugins and bootstrap plugins 7. Enumerate available roles, show role info and and apply merge strategy/conflict resolution 8. Validate loaded roles (for non-emptyness and conflicts between bootstrap and app plugins) 9. Build plan for DIEffect runner 10. Build plan for integration checks 11. Build plan for application 12. Run role tasks 13. Run role services 14. Await application termination 15. Run finalizers 16. Shutdown executors

  4. abstract class RoleAppMain extends AnyRef