package launcher

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  1. trait AbstractActivationParser extends AnyRef
  2. final case class ActivationConfig(activation: Map[String, String]) extends AnyVal with Product with Serializable
  3. trait ActivationParser extends AbstractActivationParser

    Note, besides replacing this class, activation parsing strategy can also be changed by using bootstrap modules or plugins and adding an override for make[Activation].named("roleapp") to izumi.distage.roles.RoleAppMain#roleAppBootOverrides

  4. trait AppArgsInterceptor extends AnyRef
  5. trait AppFailureHandler extends AnyRef
  6. trait AppResourceProvider[F[_]] extends AnyRef
  7. trait AppShutdownInitiator extends AnyRef
  8. trait AppShutdownStrategy[F[_]] extends AppShutdownInitiator

    There are two possible graceful termination paths for an application:

    There are two possible graceful termination paths for an application:

    1) User explicitly calls AppShutdownStrategy#releaseAwaitLatch

    2) The application received SIGINT and the shutdown hook triggers.

    It's important to remember that all other threads will continue to run until the shutdown hook finishes, after that they'll stop abruptly without even receiving any exceptions.

    Izumi runtime will call AppShutdownStrategy#finishShutdown when all the cleanups are done.

    Possible code paths:

    1) AppShutdownStrategy#awaitShutdown -> AppShutdownStrategy#releaseAwaitLatch -> AppShutdownStrategy#finishShutdown 2) AppShutdownStrategy#awaitShutdown -> AppShutdownStrategy#finishShutdown

    See also

    also izumi.distage.roles.launcher.AppShutdownStrategy.ImmediateExitShutdownStrategy

  9. case class CLILoggerOptions(level: Level, json: Boolean) extends Product with Serializable
  10. trait CLILoggerOptionsReader extends AnyRef
  11. trait EarlyLoggerFactory extends AnyRef
  12. trait LateLoggerFactory extends AnyRef
  13. trait LogConfigLoader extends AnyRef
  14. trait ModuleValidator extends AnyRef
  15. final case class PreparedApp[F[_]](appResource: Lifecycle[F, Locator], roleAppEntrypoint: RoleAppEntrypoint[F], runner: QuasiIORunner[F], effect: QuasiIO[F]) extends Product with Serializable
  16. trait PreparedAppSyntax extends AnyRef
  17. trait RoleAppActivationParser extends AnyRef
  18. trait RoleAppEntrypoint[F[_]] extends AnyRef
  19. trait RoleProvider extends AnyRef
  20. trait RouterFactory extends AnyRef
  21. trait StartupBanner extends AnyRef