Izumi Project


Izumi (jp. 泉水, spring) is a set of independent libraries and frameworks allowing you to significantly increase productivity of your Scala development.

including the following components:

  1. distage – Staged, transparent and debuggable runtime & compile-time Dependency Injection Framework,
  2. logstage – Automatic structural logs from Scala string interpolations,
  3. idealingua – API Definition, Data Modeling and RPC Language, optimized for fast prototyping – like gRPC, but with a human face. Currently generates servers and clients for Go, TypeScript, C# and Scala,
  4. Opinionated SBT plugins – Reduces verbosity of SBT builds and introduces new features – inter-project shared test scopes and BOM plugins (from Maven),
  5. Percept-Plan-Execute-Repeat (PPER) – a pattern that enables modeling very complex domains and orchestrate deadly complex processes a lot easier than you’re used to.


To use, add the following into project/build.sbt,

libraryDependencies ++= Seq( // distage core library "io.7mind.izumi" %% "distage-core" % "0.10.2-SNAPSHOT", // distage-testkit for ScalaTest "io.7mind.izumi" %% "distage-testkit-scalatest" % "0.10.2-SNAPSHOT" % Test, // distage-framework: Roles, Entrypoints, Effect modules "io.7mind.izumi" %% "distage-framework" % "0.10.2-SNAPSHOT", // Typesafe Config support "io.7mind.izumi" %% "distage-extension-config" % "0.10.2-SNAPSHOT", // Classpath discovery support "io.7mind.izumi" %% "distage-extension-plugins" % "0.10.2-SNAPSHOT", // LogStage integration with DIStage "io.7mind.izumi" %% "distage-extension-logstage" % "0.10.2-SNAPSHOT", // LogStage core library "io.7mind.izumi" %% "logstage-core" % "0.10.2-SNAPSHOT", // Configure LogStage with Typesafe Config "io.7mind.izumi" %% "logstage-config" % "0.10.2-SNAPSHOT", // Write logs as JSON "io.7mind.izumi" %% "logstage-rendering-circe " % "0.10.2-SNAPSHOT", // Route Slf4J logs to LogStage "io.7mind.izumi" %% "logstage-adapter-slf4j " % "0.10.2-SNAPSHOT", // Route LogStage logs to Slf4J "io.7mind.izumi" %% "logstage-sink-slf4j " % "0.10.2-SNAPSHOT", )


Izumi on GitHub

Latest SNAPSHOT documentation



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