Rendering policy

Rendering policy is defined in logstage config section.

Default template: ${level}:${ts} ${thread}${location} ${custom-ctx} ${msg}

Log units specification

Unit Aliases Explanation Syntax
timestamp ts Timestamp ${timestamp}
thread t Thread data (contains thread name and id) ${thread}
level lvl Logging level ${lvl}
location loc Log message location (hyperlink to filename it’s line number) ${location}
message msg Application-supplied message associated with the logging event ${message}
custom-ctx context, ctx User’s context (more info here) ${custom-ctx}
exception ex Outputs the stack trace of the exception associated with the logging event, if any. Full stack trace will be printed by default. ${ex}


  • Units can be parameterized (with padding, margins, etc).
  • NOTE! Currently there are only common parameters (padding). Parameters enumerates in [ ] braces. For example, ${message[15]}
Unit Parameter Example
ALL padding padding for log unit in result string. Can be ellipsed: [:..14] ${timestamp}[14]