package plan

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Type Members

  1. sealed trait AbstractPlan extends AnyRef
  2. final case class CircularReference(key: reflection.universe.RuntimeDIUniverse.DIKey, level: Int) extends DepTreeNode with Product with Serializable
  3. trait CompactPlanFormatter extends Renderable[OrderedPlan]
  4. final case class DepNode(key: reflection.universe.RuntimeDIUniverse.DIKey, graph: DependencyGraph, level: Int, limit: Option[Int], exclusions: Set[reflection.universe.RuntimeDIUniverse.DIKey]) extends DepTreeNode with Product with Serializable
  5. sealed trait DepTreeNode extends AnyRef
  6. class DepTreeRenderer extends AnyRef
  7. case class DependencyGraph(graph: Map[reflection.universe.RuntimeDIUniverse.DIKey, Set[reflection.universe.RuntimeDIUniverse.DIKey]], kind: DependencyKind) extends Product with Serializable
  8. sealed trait DependencyKind extends AnyRef
  9. final class DodgyPlan extends AnyRef
  10. sealed trait ExecutableOp extends AnyRef
  11. trait KeyFormatter extends AnyRef
  12. class KeyMinimizer extends AnyRef
  13. final case class NextOps(sets: Map[reflection.universe.RuntimeDIUniverse.DIKey, CreateSet], provisions: Seq[InstantiationOp]) extends Product with Serializable
  14. trait OpFormatter extends AnyRef
  15. final case class OrderedPlan(definition: ModuleBase, steps: Vector[ExecutableOp], gcMode: GCMode, topology: PlanTopology) extends AbstractPlan with Product with Serializable
  16. sealed trait PlanTopology extends AnyRef

    This class represents direct node dependencies and allows to retrive full transitive dependencies for a node

  17. final case class PlanTopologyImmutable(dependees: DependencyGraph, dependencies: DependencyGraph) extends PlanTopology with Product with Serializable
  18. final case class SemiPlan(definition: ModuleBase, steps: Vector[ExecutableOp], gcMode: GCMode) extends AbstractPlan with Product with Serializable

    An unordered plan.

    An unordered plan.

    You can turn into an OrderedPlan via com.github.pshirshov.izumi.distage.model.Planner.finish

  19. final case class Truncated(level: Int) extends DepTreeNode with Product with Serializable
  20. trait TypeFormatter extends AnyRef
  21. trait WithDIAssociation extends AnyRef
  22. trait WithDIDependencyContext extends AnyRef
  23. trait WithDIWiring extends AnyRef

Value Members

  1. object AbstractPlan
  2. object CompactPlanFormatter
  3. object DependencyKind
  4. object DodgyPlan
  5. object ExecutableOp
  6. object KeyFormatter
  7. object OpFormatter
  8. object OrderedPlan extends Serializable
  9. object SemiPlan extends Serializable
  10. object TypeFormatter